Importance Of A Mobile Website

Wherever you go today, most people are using mobile devices for one purpose or another. A study conducted in 2017 found out that 90 percent of UK adults own a mobile phone.

Entrepreneurs are, thus, making changes to the way they conduct business in order to benefit from this growing marketing solution. If you don’t have a mobile website, then it’s time for you to build one. Find out more.

Why Do You Need Mobile Websites?

You know how tiring it can be to look for something and get nothing in the end just because a website doesn’t load properly on your device. Information that’s not mobile friendly doesn’t encourage you to continue through the whole process to make a purchase. Click here for digital ideas for your site.

If your website is not mobile friendly, then you are losing a lot of business. Mobile website traffic is expected to double over the next few years. Millions of people search the web using their mobile phones every day. Just think of even a fraction of those people finding your website.

Online businesses are continuously competing for the attention of new customers, so if you want to be noticed, you have to commit to updating your website to accommodate your clients’ main source of access to the internet – their mobile devices. Contact us for more info.

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Benefits of Mobile Websites

  • Improved user experience – Mobile websites are designed for mobile devices, automatically enhancing the experience of your target audience. Your audience can stay in touch with you all the time, boosting their loyalty towards your business.
  • SEO friendly – Mobile websites are loved by search engines and allow your audience to find you easily using any mobile search tools. Businesses that don’t have mobile websites won’t appear on mobile search tools, making them invisible to their audience.
  • Increased brand identity – Mobile websites improve your brand identity and thus, allow more people to check out your services and products.
  • Higher average time – For everything that exists on the web, time is an important factor.

If you need help to optimise your mobile website, get in touch with Essence SEO.